Unifying Neurology in the United Arab Emirates


The Emirates Neurology Society (EMINS) was founded in 2004 by the UAE neurologist as a non-profit society within the Emirates Medical Association (EMA) to promote awareness and advance professional education on Neurological Diseases in the United Arab Emirates.

Our Mission

The mission of the society is to provide the highest quality of patient care in neurology by supporting education, training and scientific research towards the medical society. The annual conference of the society is one of the major activities that provides the clinical skills and knowledge needed to deliver the best quality of care.

The society works closely with other regional and international societies from related subspecialties in order to promote more comprehensive learning in the UAE. Our educational foundation provides specific education in these subspecialties for more tailored education. A range of events is conducted throughout the year in MS, Headache, Stroke and Moving Disorders, among others.

Our Objectives

The EMINS Foundation work to develop and promote activities in order to increase fundraising in field of neurology. The fund raised is used to promote education in neurology by supporting physicians in sustaining and advancing their medical practices, support the delivery of quality patient care, and improve the neurology management in the MENA region.

The Emirates Neurology Society aim to serve the healthcare needs of the general public by supporting scientific research, education and training while constantly striving to improve the quality of neurology practice.

  • Developed and promote professional education
  • Organize annual conferences in the field of treatment and research in neurology
  • Increase fundraising to promote appropriated activities in the field of neurology
  • Promote awareness, management, teaching and research in all aspects of neurology

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